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Frontend Developer (Senior)

1 import Penneo from 'Copenhagen/Denmark';
2 import Developer from 'Anywhere';
4 class FrontendDeveloper extends Penneo.Component {
5 constructor(props) {
6 this.company = {
7 url: 'https://penneo.com',
8 name: 'Penneo',
9 description: 'Handling documents, data and signing in a secure and compliant way',
10 type: 'SaaS',
11 awesome: true
12 };
13 }
15 submit() {
16 Developer.apply({
17 attachment: Developer.getCV()
18 )};
19 }
21 getRequirements() {
22 return [
23 'extensive web technologies knowledge',
24 'know javascript and css like the palm of your hand',
25 'experience with modern web frameworks',
26 'looking for a challenge',
27 'eye for detail and design',
28 'passion for coding',
29 'sense of humor'
30 ];
31 }
33 render() {
34 return (
35 <Penneo.Headline>
36 Hello {this.props.name},
37 Penneo is a fast-growing RegTech SaaS company headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. We successfully serve customers in industries like accounting, law, finance, enabling them to handle documents, data and signing in a secure and compliant way. We are now ready to take the next step by going global and exploring new business growth.
38 <‌/Penneo.Headline>
40 <Why.Join>
41 At Penneo you will work together with a multicultural team of highly skilled, open-minded and enthusiastic developers to develop and maintain our customer facing products. We work with <b>React, Redux, Webpack and TypeScript.<‌/b> Experience with these is a plus, but not required.
41 We don’t hire people just for their technical skills. We also want your input and ideas about the way we do things and our products. If we didn’t, we’d only get half our money’s worth. We promise you a great opportunity to take your skills to the next level and have a lot of fun while doing it!
43 Denmark is the happiest country in the world, so even if you have to relocate, you shouldn’t worry. We’ve got you covered! We have a very international and closely knitted team that is always happy to help and enjoy the good times together.
44 <‌/Why.Join>
46 <Penneo.DNA>
47 At Penneo, our most important asset is PEOPLE. We’re not looking for new employees, we’re looking for new teammates. We strive to do what we love, to love what we do and to make every day fun and engaging. In other words, we are a PEOPLE company!
49 <ul>
50 <li>We put the team and organization before ourselves<‌/li>
51 <li>We’re not afraid to take responsibility for our mistakes and to learn from them<‌/li>
52 <li>We’re accountable and have integrity<‌/li>
53 <li>We’re curious and not afraid to ask questions<‌/li>
54 <li>We encourage breaking down complex tasks into small deliverable pieces<‌/li>
55 <li>We’ll make it known to colleagues when we’re stuck or blocked<‌/li>
56 <li>We love to help and be helped<‌/li>
57 <li>We’re obsessed with learning new things and improving processes.<‌/li>
58 <‌/ul>
59 <‌/Penneo.DNA>
61 <Penneo.Perks>
62 If you are not already convinced to learn more about the position by the above, then this might not be the right match for you, but we do have a few more benefits up our sleeves: Does this sound like you? Do you want to work with some of the most inspiring and talented people in the industry? Are you up for a big challenge and a fantastic journey?
64 <ul>
65 <li>Relocation assistance<‌/li>
66 <li>Company trips and team experiences, e.g. the beaches in Malta or even skiing the slopes of the French Alps :-)<‌/li>
67 <li>Hack Days<‌/li>
68 <li>Friday Cocktail Bars and other regular social events<‌/li>
69 <li>Health insurance<‌/li>
70 <li>Catered lunch<‌/li>
71 <‌/ul>
73 Does this sound like you? Do you want to work with some of the most inspiring and talented people in the industry? Are you up for a big challenge and a fantastic journey?
74 <‌/Penneo.Perks>
76 {Developer.experience === this.getRequirements() &&
77 <Penneo.Button onClick={this.submit}>
78 If you're interested, just apply!
79 <‌/Penneo.Button>
80 }
81 );
82 }
83 }
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Gyngemose Parkvej 50
2860 Søborg Directions job@penneo.com (+45) 71 99 98 93

Perks & Benefits

In Penneo, we believe that work should not be having negative impact in your personal life. Therefore, we do have some benefits to make things a bit easier for you

  • Great lunch buffét

    Lunch is an important refill for getting energy, and also for having a break and talk about everything. In Penneo, you can enjoy a lunch buffét serving a variety of hot and cold dishes, salad and bread, and it's different menu every day and every week!

  • Fitness facilities

    Going after work to a different location can be a hassle, so why not just go down in the basement and enjoy a good work out? You can relax in the sauna and take a shower afterwards, and feel relaxed before the evening!

  • Friday bars and company trips

    Every first Friday in the month, we have a Friday bar at the office! Penneo serves drinks and snacks, usually with a DJ and most often with guests present as well! It is a lot of fun!

  • Flexibility

    Because we do not want work to be in the way of important stuff, we want to be flexible! Some people have kids, or they have an exam, or a dentist appointment? Don't worry, we always try to make it work out!


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