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Penneo is a place where people work to make a life

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Meet the Penneos

Our Values

To be able to identify with Penneo, we are constantly working with what we are and what we want to become. Our values guide us on that journey.

  • Vulnerability

    At Penneo, vulnerability is not a sign of weakness. Vulnerability requires bravery, it is the courage to take risks even when you can't control the outcome. Vulnerability is about dropping your armour, admitting mistakes, and giving honest feedback to your team.Vulnerability is the heartbeat of the creativity we foster at Penneo - there's no innovation without vulnerability.

  • Transparency

    At Penneo, transparency is a fundamental core value. That is why we strive to make information readily available, accessible, and comprehensible to everyone. We believe transparency and integrity are the foundations of brand trust, loyalty, motivation, and growth.

  • Bravery

    At Penneo, bravery is what makes us take risks without letting the fear of failure stand in the way. Penneos have the courage to think outside the box and turn their ideas into reality, thus driving innovation and change. We always think big and are not afraid to take action, in spite of our fears.

  • Agility

    At Penneo, we have our own take on agility. We slow down and take our time to listen to our customers and understand their pain points. This way we can swiftly adapt to ever-changing market trends and customers' needs. We are agile in our decision-making, planning, and delivery.

  • Responsibility

    We have a It's up to us! attitude. We always lead by example and face challenges head-on. To us, responsibility means embracing the opportunity to make meaningful contributions. Micromanagement is not part of our vocabulary - we trust Penneos to take responsibility in their work.

  • Unity

    At Penneo, we stick together through the good and bad. We belive that unity is vital for effective teamwork, so we look out for each other and always work together. We act as if we are one, sharing a common passion and goal that we pursue with one heart, one mind, and one soul. Did I also mention we love to party together?

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